pic2mail is a simple Windows utility that allows you to quickly and easily transform a collection of digital photographs into a folder of resized JPEG files optimized for e-mailing. (See screenshot below.)

Please use this link to download and install your free copy:

Download 1.98 MByte Installer



Why resize? Aren't bigger photographs better?

Not when it comes to e-mailing them.

E-mailing a collection of large photographs can take several minutes to send, and several minutes to receive. And some ISPs even set size limits to prevent users from bogging down their servers.

pic2mail allows you to quickly and easily resize your photos
so that you'll be able to send more e-mails in less time.

And pic2mail doesn't just resize your photos; it also sharpens them, chisels the edges, and adds a gradient drop-shadow. It also gives you an opportunity to rotate select photos from landscape to portrait. Operations like these could take hours with traditional photo-retouching programs. But with pic2mail, they happen with a click of the mouse.

pic2mail is the perfect tool for new camera owners!




1. Click on the "Browse" button to locate the folder that contains your photos.

2. Click on the files within the "Photos" field to preview your photos.

3. When necessary, click on the "Rotate" button to rotate your photos from landscape to portrait.

4. Click on the "Add" button to add selections to your "Group". (NOTE: You can also double-click within the "Photos" field to add selections.)

5. Click on the "Remove" button to remove unwanted or redundant photos from your group.

6. Click on the "Browse" button to locate the folder that your new files will be copied to. (Note: You should select a unique folder to help you avoid confusion with other files. And you should make note of the folder's location, since you will have to identify it again when inserting/attaching your photos to your e-mails.)

7. And finally, click on the "Process" button to quickly process the photos in your group.

This operation will automatically transform copies of your photos into a folder of JPEGs optimized for e-mailing. And it will also activate the "Status" bar to help you track its progress. And if you wish to interrupt the operation, click on the "Stop" button.

Once finished, exit pic2mail, launch your e-mail application, and attach/insert your files as usual. And please note that the new files have been named "pic2mail copy of [name]".


A helpful tip for Power-Users...

The preview and processing size is preset to 380 pixels tall/wide. But if for some reason you want to adjust this setting, here's what you need to do:

1. Exit pic2mail.

2. Open pic2mail's INI file on your C drive. Here is the location:

        C:\Program Files\pic2mail\Support\pic2mail.ini

3. Once opened, change the "Size" setting to any number you want.

4. Close the INI file and save the changes.

5. Relaunch pic2mail.




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pic2mail is freeware. But if you like the program, and would like to make a donation to help fund future development, please click the DONATE button below.






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